Megan Shay

Designated Broker / Owner

After spending almost a decade in huge tech companies including Microsoft and Amazon, Megan Shay decided to move into residential real estate. Leveraging her Journalism degree from the University of Washington, she crafted web and email content to attract, inform, and retain loyal customers.

Real Estate Psychology

During the last seven-plus years, Megan has transferred these abilities to benefit her real estate clients. Megan effectively harnesses her understanding of buyer psychology to attract the right buyer to a listed property, and help her buyers find and land the right property. Using these skills as a base, Megan has gained keen insight into winning real estate negotiations, both contract and personal.

What People Want

What buyers want is often similar to what renters want. Megan knows how to accurately price and market a rental property to attract high-quality tenants—the kind that stay for years. She is uniquely qualified to know who—and how– to target for a specific property, including staying on the right side of tenant-landlord law.

Whether you are looking for a family-size waterfront property, view condo, or commercial space, Megan is always working to match each client with their ideal property. Real estate is often a very challenging business, but Megan loves what she does and it shows in the deep satisfaction she feels with every happy client.


    Megan Shay has:

    • A deep understanding of residential market and needs of homebuyers
    • Keen negotiation skills to be able to work through complex personal and financial situations
    • Deep understanding of marketing trends, including social media trends and how to use them to match buyers and sellers, tenants and rental properties
    • Desire to build/develop properties that are smart, sustainable, efficient, and innovative.
    Meet Megan

    Meet Megan

    I’m a lifelong Western Washington resident who loves being outside, on the water. Or in the woods. My husband Scott and I live in Poulsbo with our two sons and we never get tired of the view. I love spending time with people at the Poulsbo Yacht Club, school events, and kids’ soccer games. 

    Megan at InPeak sold my house quickly, for significantly more than asking price, with no hassles! She developed and executed a campaign to generate significant buyer interest, managed multiple competing offers, advised me in selecting the best overall offer (It’s not just about the price!), and supported me throughout the process, resulting in an on-time closing with no issues.

    Howard E.

    Sammamish, WA

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