Putting your home in the best light.

Getting Ready to Sell

Step 1: Organize & Pre-Pack

Preparing to sell your home can seem overwhelming! But InPeak Properties is here to help. There are several important things to remember when prepping for a sale, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to put yourself in the mind of the buyer. Buyers want to see clean, tidy, spaces. They want to be able to picture themselves and their stuff in the home. So first things first, get rid of clutter!

Begin by sorting: keep, donate, and trash. There are groups that can really help with this step, like Buy Nothing and Nextdoor. Moving is an excellent time to purge stuff that is no longer useful or enjoyable, and you can really help out people in the community by donating some of those items.

Downsizing? Purging will be absolutely critical, unless you like paying extra to move stuff that you don’t have room for in the new place!


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Step 2: Fix & Shine

After the packing and purging, it’s time to get your home spruced up. Fix all those little things like the dripping faucet or the sticky front door. Paint, primp, pull weeds. Pressure wash the driveway, and put in some fresh new flowers. This is the time to present your home in it’s very best light.

It’s not the time for a major remodel, though. Did you know kitchen remodels nearly always end up losing a seller money? Check out these top “Bang for Your Buck” home improvement ideas and notice how many actually tend to net sellers over 100% of the cost. (You’ll have to sign up to download the report, or contact us for more information.)

Step 3: Keeping Up Appearances

Once your home is on the market, keeping things clean and tidy is very important. If you have already moved, it’s that much easier! But if you are still living in the house, do your best to keep it clean like your mom is coming over every day. It will be that much easier to prepare for showings at a moment’s notice. 

Admittedly, keeping things can be a real struggle if you have little kids and/or pets in the house. If that’s the case, we will discuss ways that you can maintain a clean house and your sanity while your home is on the market. 

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