Scott Shay

Managing Broker / Owner

Real estate is in Scott Shay’s blood. Since his formative years, real estate has been a part of Scott’s life. The process of designing, building, renting, and renovating properties has always been a part of him, even when he was traveling the country working on political campaigns in Colorodo, New Jersey, Kentucky, and here in Washington State.

This time on the road gave Scott a deep understanding of the workings of government and how the political process impacts development of properties. Scott also learned the need for teamwork to get a project done, along with an ability to build teams quickly and efficiently in locations where he had only been to for a small amount of time. (For the record, Scott has driven through 48 of the 50 United States. Guess which two are not on the list yet?)

After that period in his life, Scott settled down and started a real estate company. For over a decade, this company has been working with clients to match their needs with the right property. Most recently the company has started working with investors to develop properties in North Kitsap County.

Using his skills in organization creation, financial analysis, and dealing with fine details, Scott has been able to get teams together to create outstanding opportunities for all involved, all the while ensuring that the community in which he is living is growing thoughtfully, and not haphazardly.

Scott brings to the table:

  • Effective team building
  • Focus on community-oriented development
  • Able to quickly, efficiently, and effectively analyze financial information and property data
  • Foresight to help the community around him to grow efficiently, with an eye towards innovation
  • Quickly applies the value of a particular improvement to make sure that the economics make sense for a project
Meet Scott

Meet Scott

Scott loves all things boating. When he’s not out on the water, he’s counting the days until the next time. His photography skills are often put to good use while outdoors and can be seen on InPeak’s social media pages and in his Instagram feed.

Megan and Scott were fantastic with suggestions for neighborhoods for us to explore and were spot on with their research notes of houses that looked interesting to us…We absolutely love our new home and truly have Megan and Scott to thank for it.

Anita and Dan

Des Moines, WA

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