Real estate can be an interesting industry.

One day you can be thinking about what your next career is going to be because the current one is just not happening. Next you can be inundated with different opportunities.

I used to think that the flexibility and unpredictability of my work was one of the draws to being a real estate professional. Now I think it is a serious pain in the ass. I have a house, and a couple kids to pay for. I can’t spend my time hoping that someone may list a property with me.

That said, we (my wife/business partner Megan Shay and I) have been diversifying into other aspects of real estate, including development and property management on both long- and short-term basis. It is this widening of what we do that has led to this increase in business all of the sudden. Where the hell was this a few months ago?

Can the world really work that way? Withhold work from you for a long while, and then all of the sudden you don’t know what to do with yourself.

I shouldn’t be complaining, and I hope that I do not appear to be complaining. I don’t feel like I am complaining this is more about how humans cope in different situations. (Note: If you feel I am complaining, you should probably stop reading this, it probably won’t get better for you. For the rest please continue, I promise it will be pithy and continue to be fairly complaint-free.)
Also, it feels satisfying because we have worked hard to get some of these opportunities–none have just fallen into our laps.

I should also point out that some of these opportunities could disappear just as quickly as they have appeared. This post isn’t about the specifics of our work; it is about coping with the roller coaster that is this kind of life.

Real Estate: A World of Ups and Downs

And let’s be honest almost everyone has dealt with one or a million roller coasters in their life. As humans, do we get used to living this way. Some even thrive in this type of environment. (Note: I am not sure if I am thriving right now but at least I seem to be coping OK. Or am I???)

Would I rather have higher highs, and lower lows or a straight line? Honestly, I am not sure. With the increase, in volatility nothing is ever boring. Maybe since my life can always be a roller coaster, it makes roller coasters less fun for me. If my life was more “mainstream” and consistent, those times of high volatility would be even more heightened. Though for a lot of people, heightened means scary and not desirable.

I think for me I would rather have a happy medium. Consistently inconsistent. Simple isn’t it? The ebbs and flows are what make life worth living, but just not such high highs, and low lows. How about some consistent business and a crazy personal life? Oh who am I kidding? I wouldn’t survive that either.

Some consistent business with a splash of creative crazy business, I guess that would sum up my personal life also. Living a comfortable life with a few: “diving with sharks”, or “jumping of a tall cliff on my skis” moments to let me feel that roller coaster a little more. So I guess I want the roller coaster but only on my terms, is that so much to ask for?

I guess for now all I can do is enjoy the ride and do my best to make real estate the fun safe ride that it should be and stop whining about the slow parts.

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